Welcome to the Everyday Self-Love Course! We’re very excited to have you join the course and have you connect with other feminists who are also on the path toward greater self-acceptance.
Please take a moment to both introduce yourself and to welcome other new course members.
If you’d like, please share:
  • Where you’re from
  • A little background information about yourself
  • What helped you decide to make the commitment to having greater self-love


  1. Cathy Boyce on April 6, 2016 at 7:48 am

    Hi there. My name is Cathy Boyce and I am from a small port city in New Brunswick, Canada. My background education is in social work and I have been doing this work for 5 years. I identify as a queer woman but I am currently in a heterosexual relationship. I love feminism!

    Working with people is my passion but as I have come to find out with a fire comes burn out. In my work with youth experiencing homelessness I have been exposed to various forms of traumatic events including an assault which have been difficult to deal with. The trauma from these events has also triggered some memories of personal experiences which have had an influence on who I have become as a social worker and which I have noticed have influenced my practice. Although I have since made many changes in my life to cope with these events I am making an intentional effort to engage in a commitment of having greater self love.

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