Turning Love into a Daily Practice
Relationship Course

In this self-paced online course with lifetime access, you will:

  • Get a practical framework on how to nurture the relationship
  • Unpack your baggage and internalized messages around relationships
  • Learn skills to navigate difficult moments with love and accountability
  • Build habits that strengthen communication and deepen connection
  • Co-envision your life with your partner around a shared set of values

Whether you are in a relationship or are single, you’ll learn a comprehensive set of skills and tools to work through baggage, communicate better, prevent and resolve conflicts, and build a values-centered relationship focused on shared growth and mutual support.

If you’re on limited income, we’ve set aside $1 out of every $4 into a Scholarship Fund. So if think the course can make a difference in your life, cost doesn’t need to be a barrier!

We want to make sure that this course is right for you. And if you find that it’s not, you can get a full refund anytime within the first 30 days of the course just by letting us know.


Eight Modules


Focus on eight specific skill sets that support the daily practice of a healthy, thriving relationship.

Readings and Exercises


Work together with in-depth readings, private online exercises, and a private online course journal.



Receive personalized coaching support and guidance with Sandra over the phone or via Skype.

6 Special Bonuses


See below for more on the 6 bonuses you’ll get to help deepen and sustain your progress.

Lifetime Access


Work at your own pace and learn from anywhere at your own convenience.

30 Day Guarantee


So there’s no risk to enrolling now and getting the support you deserve!

From the Course Leader and Founder of Everyday Feminism
What issues are getting in the way of you having the relationship you want?
Founder and CEO of Everyday Feminism

If you’re like most of us, some of those issues might be:

  • Arguments and conflicts that lead to long-lasting hurt and defensiveness
  • Needs and feelings that are not communicated or acknowledged
  • Lack of mutual support and encouragement around goals and interests
  • Baggage from family, past relationships, and internalized messages
  • Personality and cultural differences that become a source of conflict and misunderstanding
  • Dysfunctional habits and ruts that don’t seem to ever change
  • Fear and uncertainty around rejection or the relationship failing
  • Not feeling lovable or good enough for your partner

If any of these sound familiar, you’re not alone.

Why Is It So Hard To Build a Healthy, Fulfilling Relationship?

For many of us, we’ve had a lifetime of poor modeling.

In many families, needs go unspoken, emotions aren’t acknowledged, boundaries aren’t respected, and dreams go unsupported.

And sadly, in too many families, there’s neglect, control, and abuse by the very people who are supposed to take care of us, distorting our understanding of how love is expressed.

It’s no surprise that these same problems often show up later in our relationships.

If that isn’t enough, our society and mass media are bombarding us with messages about how our relationship “should” be, making us feel like we’re constantly falling short of some “perfect” picture.

No wonder we all struggle to build the fulfilling relationships that we want!

It’s Hard Work. But It Is Possible.

Healthy, thriving relationships are less about finding the “perfect person” and more about building a daily practice of loving skills and habits, supported by a shared commitment to personal growth.

This means that no matter what your past – you can learn this. You can build the relationship that you deserve.

And we’re here to help you do it.

This lifetime access online course will help you free yourself from toxic messages about relationships and learn the framework, skills, and habits to:

  • Accept each other as you are, while believing in each other’s ability to grow
  • Unpack your baggage, biases, and internalized messages around relationships
  • Be respectful of each other’s needs and boundaries
  • Communicate your feelings and desires and invite your partner to help support them
  • Give and receive support and encouragement around each other’s goals and interests
  • Turn conflicts into opportunities for deeper connection and growth
  • Nurture new habits that create energy and excitement
  • Have an inspiring shared vision of how you wish to grow as a couple and as individuals
  • And much more!

These are the same skills and habits that my partner and I have developed over the last decade to overcome our past modeling and internalized messages to build a healthy, thriving, and inspiring relationship. Having this type of relationship enabled us to launch Everyday Feminism together and create the deeply fulfilling life that we share.

You’ll get support in applying these skills to your life through private coaching sessions and a community of feminists all working toward building the relationship we deserve.

Normally a comprehensive relationship development course with group support would easily cost over $300 and a single coaching session would cost over $100. But I’m committed to making this course more accessible through a reduced price, referral discounts, and even a scholarship.

So if you’re ready to enroll, sign-up to get instant access!

I’ll see you on the inside,

The Course Action Plan

For Turning Love into a Daily Practice

Module 1 – Getting Grounded in Your Relationship Framework and Vision
To get you started off right, you’ll focus on building a shared understanding of the framework, vision, and values for your relationship. This is a foundation that you can use to re-ground and re-energize yourselves during the rest of the course and beyond.

To develop this shared understanding, you will:

  • Get a new framework where love is no longer an object you own but an action you take
  • Do a relationship assessment wheel to see what areas are strong and need attention
  • Identify what values are most important to you and your partner and where they do and don’t overlap
  • Give acknowledgements about what you appreciate and value about each other and in the relationship
  • Engage in an co-visioning process around the type of relationship and life you wish to create together

Module 2 – Listening So Others Feel Fully Seen and Heard
A healthy relationship is built through healthy communication. Unfortunately the “win or lose” argumentative way we’re taught to communicate around difficult issues leaves people feeling unheard and issues unresolved – leading to greater resentment and baggage.

To begin listening in a way where the other person feels heard and supported, you will:

  • Learn how to truly see the other person and acknowledge where they’re coming from through empathic listening
  • Understand the common roadblocks to empathic listening
  • Identify the roadblocks you use most and their impact on your relationship
  • Practice reflective listening to create a more welcoming space for sharing and to de-escalate heated conversations

Module 3 – Sharing Your Feelings and Needs
Many of us struggle with sharing our feelings and needs with others (and sometimes even with ourselves). Yet it’s important not just because our feelings and needs are important and legitimate, but also because sharing helps deepen the connection in our relationship.

To begin sharing your feelings and needs, you will:

  • Learn the difference between sharing the power in the conversation and using power over them to “win”
  • Understand how sharing invites your partner to see us in your vulnerability and support you in meeting your needs
  • Learn the common roadblocks to sharing in a way that’s assertive and not aggressive or passive
  • Identify the roadblocks you most use and what’s underlying them
  • Practice making assertions that invite – not demand – the other person to help you address your needs and wants

Module 4 – Unpacking Your Baggage and Internalized Messages 
Standing in the way of our natural self-expression of love and belief in our own lovability are the messages we’ve received from our family, past relationships, and society. To free yourself from them, you will need to first recognize them when they are influencing your thinking and behavior.

To identify what mistaken beliefs are holding you back, you will:

  • Identify the common stereotypes and social norms that you have internalized around relationships related to gender, race, sexual orientation, class, age, and culture
  • See how those internalized messages have colored your perspective and impacted your behavior
  • Identify the baggage you’ve developed from past relationships and in the current one
  • See how this baggage has created fixed notions of who your partner is

Module 5 – Turning Conflict Into Growth Opportunities
Whether you’re someone who tries to avoid conflict or to pick fights, we’re taught that someone has to win and someone has to lose. But in that type of coercive situation, the person who “wins” still loses. This model of conflict “resolution” breeds resentment, undermines the sense of connection, and fails to create win/win solutions.

To transform moments of conflict into opportunities for connection and growth, you will:

  • See how differences between you and your partner can be complementary and lead to greater growth instead of being divisive
  • View stress and conflict as a red flag pointing to an important need, fear, or pain that needs to be addressed
  • Distinguish between someone’s intention and impact and how both are important to hold as true
  • Understand the difference between taking responsibility for your own emotions and behaviors and not taking responsibility for the other person’s happiness
  • Create your own intentional process to proactively diffuse and address upset feelings

Module 6 – Supporting Each Other’s Personal Growth Goals
We’re taught that there’s the “perfect person” out there for us. But when our partner ends up not being “perfect,” we end up trying to change them by nagging or being controlling. This often ends up having the opposite intended effect, limiting their growth rather than supporting it.

To create a supportive environment for personal development, you will:

  • Understand how to help someone grow into the person they want to be and not who you want them to be
  • Learn the best way to champion someone’s growth, giving them unconditional acceptance while holding their dreams and goals as 100% possible
  • Distinguish between behaviors that are stressful but not violating, which you need to address within yourself, and behaviors that are violating, which the other person needs to take responsibility for and change
  • Practice discussing problematic behaviors and inviting the other person to brainstorm solutions together

Module 7 – Turning Draining Habits into Nurturing Habits
Many relationships are plagued by ruts and dysfunctional patterns that never seem to change. The best way to address these draining habits is to replace them with habits that nurture the relationship.

To learn how to create new nourishing habits that feed the relationship, you will:

  • Identify the habits that drain energy and their impact on the relationship
  • Get a toolbox of different habits that build connection to refer to
  • Identify healthy habits that are aligned with your shared vision and values around the relationship
  • Practice replacing a draining habit with a nurturing habit to strengthen the relationship
  • Understand common resistance to change and learn how to overcome them

Module 8 – Co-creating for the Future
A relationship can be a great facilitator for your growth as an individual and as a couple. With the skills and habits you’ve learned from the course, you’re ready to build on that foundation and co-create an inspiring plan for the future.

To get ready to take your relationship to the next level, you will:

  • Revisit your initial vision created in Module 1 and reflect on it from your new perspective
  • Identify what has been most important and valuable in the learning process
  • Co-create another vision for the relationship and identify nurturing habits that will support that vision
  • Create a plan to springboard you forward into action after the course is over
Here’s What Some of the Course Alumni Want to Share About the Course:
Before I took the course, I was in denial about needing help with my communication around relationships. I struggled with expressing my own personal needs and even recognizing that I have them. But with the help of this course, I’ve come to recognize my inherent worthiness and the validity of my personal needs in a relationship. I now know I need to stick for myself and my needs in all my relationships in my life. – Laura D.
My partner and I were really at a loss, struggling with conflict, lack of communication and connection – and our wedding was coming up soon. This course helped us figure out what we could do to improve our relationship and decide if marriage was the right path for us. This course identified areas that we weren’t aware of and really simplified the issues that other materials often make too complicated. The exercises really encouraged my partner and me to explore topics that we may not have considered before and gave us the tools to address them. – A.K.
PLUS – 6 Special Bonuses!
In addition to everything already in the course, we’re including these 6 Special Bonuses to help deepen and sustain your progress:


Guide To Overcoming Obstacles To Change

An Everyday Feminism guide to understanding the common roadblocks to change and what concrete steps you can take to overcome them.


12 Ways To Deepen Your Connection

Explore new ways to use the power of vulnerability and sharing to deepen the connection in your relationship.


21 Ways To Energize Your Relationship

Try out new ways to re-energize your relationship through sharing learning, growth, adventure, and fun.


8 Ways To Nurture
Your Sex Life

Nurture your sex life through being more present, opening up communication, letting go of expectations, and more.


Guided Visualization: Accepting Your Body

Practice being inside your body, feeling each part of your body, and accepting it as it is without any judgment or shame.


To Stay or To Go?

If this is a question mark in your relationship, this reading will support your exploratory process as you figure out the right decision for you.

Still not sure if the course is right for you?


We really want to make sure that this course is working for you.

If you find that it’s not, you can get a full refund anytime within the first 30 days of the course just by letting us know. So there’s no risk to enrolling now and getting the support you deserve!

Frequently Asked Questions
Still have questions? Here are answers to some common ones, but contact us if you have others!

How will I access everything?
After signing up, you will receive an email providing directions on how to access the private Relationship Course intranet on the Everyday Feminism website. From within the course intranet, you will be able to do everything – from accessing the course modules and exercises to signing up for private coaching sessions. You will also have a private online course journal where you can complete exercises and save them for future reference. Your access to the course never expires so you can come back whenever you need support.

Do I need to be in a relationship to take this course?
While this course is great for couples to do together, you can definitely be single and still benefit from this course. Since much of the work is self-exploratory, you can do that by yourself in order to better understand how and why you think and act the way you do in relationships. In some ways, it may be easier to do this course first when you’re not in a relationship because there is less “pressure” and then do some of the modules again with your partner, if and when you have one.

What if my partner doesn’t want to take the course?
While this course works best if all parties in the relationship are proactively engaged in the course, it can still be beneficial if only one person is intentionally taking the course. Often times when someone refuses to engage in personal development, it’s because they fear failure and don’t think it will work.

In most relationships, there’s often one person who’s more interested in improving it and will end up being the catalyst for change in the relationship. By you simply changing your communication style and inviting your partner to try out some stuff for fun, you can start to shift the other person’s expectations around change and what’s possible for the relationship. And as the relationship improves, their openness to taking the course grows.

Does this course only apply to romantic relationships?
No, this course can help you improve any type of relationship you are in – whether that’s with your friends, family, or co-workers. The self-discovery, interpersonal skills, and intentional habits you’ll develop can be applied to any all and all relationships that you truly value and want to nurture. Our romantic partners tend to be the most important people in our lives but if the most important relationships in your life are not romantic, all the course materials still apply!

Is this course only for straight, cisgender couples?
No, this is for anyone who wants to have a stronger relationship with someone they care about. We explicitly explore different stereotypes and social norms attached to different groups of people to find out what has been internalized and is impacting the relationship. This course also doesn’t assume we know what’s best for you. Instead the course focuses on giving you tools for self-exploration and to determine what is best for you, according to you.

If both of us are doing the course, do we pay twice or just once?
Since we want to encourage people in relationships to do the course together, you only need to pay for one space per couple.

Will I get all the course modules at once or one at a time?
In order to help you process and digest the course at a reasonable pace, a new module will be released every two weeks for four months. We recommend that you spend at least two weeks on each module but you may find that you need more time, which is fine, since you have life-time access to the course!

How will I stay connected to the course and community?
For the first four months, you will receive weekly emails notifying you of new modules, reminders about private coaching sessions, and other articles and tips. You can participate in the online discussion anytime within each module, connecting with Sandra and other course members.

How do you do the private coaching? How many times can we have a session?
Coaching sessions with Sandra are are designed to help you or you and your partner work through any questions or struggles you’re having in understanding and implementing the course modules. They are conducted via telephone or Skype video calls and are 45-minutes long. You can schedule up to 3 sessions for the first year of your enrollment.

What do you mean by lifetime access? Will I get access to new updates as they roll out?
Lifetime access means that you will have access to the course for as long as it’s being offered. During this time, you will always been able to access the course modules and bonuses. This also means if we make any changes and updates to the course in the future, you will have access to them as well. The only time limited component is the one-on-one coaching sessions, which are only for the first year after you’ve enrolled.

I would like to take this course but can I justify spending money on myself?
For some people, they don’t have the additional money to spend on a course (see next question below). For others, they may have the money but feel uncomfortable spending it on something that’s just for their own benefit. Needless to say, we think you’re worth it!

Regardless if you enroll in this course, please remember, you still deserve to be able to love yourself and focus on your needs.

If I don’t have the extra money to pay for this course right now but I really want to take it, what should I do?
We’ve purposely underpriced this 4-month course, which includes private coaching sessions, at $97 (the equivalent of just $6 per week!) to make it more financially accessible. However, we understand that within our community, even $6 per week may be too much for some.

So here are some ways to manage the fee and still access the course:

  1. Pay in three installments of $33: If you can’t pay the full price all at once, you can pay it in 3 installments. Click here to do so.
  2. Refer someone: If you refer someone to the course who signs up, have them tell us via the Contact Us form. You’ll get 25% of the fee refunded to you. So if you get 4 friends to join you, you get the course for free! Note that this also retroactive, so it’s ok if you’ve already signed-up, you’ll still get the discount!
  3. Apply for a scholarship: As part of our commitment to social justice and accessibility, Everyday Feminism has a scholarship fund that receives $1 of every $4 earned from course sales. Click here to learn more.

I’ve taken another Everyday Feminism course. Do I get a repeat customer discount?
Yes, we do give a 15% repeat customer discount as our thank you! If you’ve enrolled in one of other online courses and are enrolling in a new one, please let us know via the Contact Us form. We’ll email you back to confirm that we’re refunding you 15% of the course fee.

Is the course accessible for people with a hearing impairment?
Yes, it is. Everything in the course is available in a written format except for one-on-one coaching sessions.

Can I take this course instead of getting couples therapy?
The course is not intended to replace therapy sessions with a licensed counselor or psychologist since it is an online course with limited individual support. Additionally Sandra is a life coach, not a mental health professional and is not qualified to work with people with serious psychological issues, such as substance abuse, major depression, and personality disorders. If you are struggling with such issues, we recommend you seek counseling first. If you currently are in therapy, this course can be a strong complement and we recommend you discuss it with your therapist before enrolling to see if it’s a good match.

How does the 30-day money-back guarantee work?
We want to make sure that this course is right for you. And if you find that it’s not, you can get a full refund anytime within the first 30 days of the course just by letting us know.


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