Kaila PrinsKaila Prins is a wellness coach specializing in disordered eating, dieting, exercise dependency, and distorted body image. Through her blog and podcasts, she brings together the experts in fitness, nutrition, health at every size, body acceptance, feminism, mindset and mental health, and more to unpack their bags and discuss their journeys to self-love.

Kaila’s talks focus on media literacy (shedding light on the marketing and manipulation of body image), the dangers and costs of dieting (and how to stop the yo-yo diet cycle), and the importance of self awareness and “discovery” in eating disorder prevention and recovery.

You can read her Everyday Feminism articles here.

Location: San Jose, California

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  • Media Literacy and Body Image – Navigating body image can be difficult at any age, but college students have both the advantage and disadvantage of being “grown up enough” to make decisions about their bodies. At this critical point in young adults’ lives, understanding how the media can affect their sense of self (and lead to both self-destructive and bullying behaviors) can be particularly important for setting the stage for a life of positive body image. This talk will cover not only key topics in media literacy and body image, but present solutions for reading between the lines and making positive choices around body image during college and beyond.
  • How to Stop Losing the Last 10 Pounds and Start Living Your Life Instead – You don’t have to have an eating disorder to have a bad relationship with food, fitness, and your body. On average women have 13 negative body thoughts per day, with 97% admitting to having at least one “I hate my body” moment. With 91% of women also dieting to change their body shape (even though only 5% of women have the genetics to support the ideals portrayed in the American media), we have a BIG cultural problem on our hands. Why are we so focused on changing our bodies? And what can we do to get past the sense of malaise, fear, and sadness that surrounds our size and shape? In this workshop, we’ll look at what it takes to recover your sense of self and discover what else matters more than losing the last 10 pounds.
  • Advertising the Body: How to Survive in Culture Where the Body is Currency – Have you ever been on a diet or know someone who has? If your answer is “no,” then you’re in the minority. The US diet industry is worth about $61 billion dollars—which means that your body, should you buy into this industry—has become someone else’s currency. Why are we so addicted to diets, miracle cures, and weight loss—and why are we so willing to pay our hard earned dollars to be on the diet wagon when we know we’ll just fall off and start over again? This workshop will look at the way marketing and advertising have pried open our wallets without us even realizing it—and how we can start becoming savvy shoppers when it comes to our body image.

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What Others Have To Say About Kaila

“Kaila executed two amazing workshops for 6th grade middle school students. It was well organized and flowed seamlessly. Students at this age can be challenging, but Kaila redirected their attention flawlessly and maintained the pace of her presentation. Furthermore, she created many opportunities for student interaction and engagement throughout the workshop. The students expressed amazement and shock when shown a time lapsed video which demonstrated the process of the “beautification” and alteration of models, via makeup, hair, and photoshop.

It was immensely appreciated that the students worked in groups on a project and discovered how advertisements display a dominant Eurocentric facade, consisting of individuals who are young, thin, “healthy,” muscular or “straight.” Rarely, did the ads promote people of color, average/thicker bodies, disabled individuals, older/elderly or LGBTQQ.

Kaila addressed issues surrounding body image, bulimia, anorexia, and brought it full circle by sharing her own personal story and struggle. She has the impeccable ability to address and pull back the layers of preconceived notions and beliefs about being alone, different or not good enough because no one can look like a model portrayed in an ad. – Not even the model, because s/he has been altered and morphed by photoshop. By deconstructing the images that society is bombarded with and calling these images for what they are – a fake computerized facade. Unattainable and unachievable because it is completely altered by software.

I highly recommend Kaila. She is amazing.”

—Karla Valenzuela, Community Liaison/Counselor, Connect Community Charter School

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