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Sandra Kim

Sandra Kim is the Founder and President of Everyday Feminism, an educational platform for personal and social liberation. Launched in June 2012, Everyday Feminism is one of the most popular feminist digital media sites in the world, with a monthly readership of over a million visitors from over 140 countries.

In 2013 and 2014, Sandra also developed and leads the online courses for Everyday Self-Love and Relationships, which helps people become free of toxic messages from systemic oppression and to practice loving themselves and others. In Spring 2016, Sandra developed the model for compassionate activism, which helps people address everyday oppression with love and justice and provides both in-person and online trainings to make this model accessible.

Sandra Kim delivers insightful, engaging, and emotionally resonate presentations for people who want to create a better world for themselves and for others.

Drawing upon her own personal experiences and professional work with Everyday Feminism and Re-Becoming Human, Sandra's able to meet people where they are — whether that's with college students, activists, or nonprofit professionals. Her talks guide people to get in touch with where they're struggling, name what's coming up for them, and take action to move forward toward realizing their dreams.

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Sandra Kim


Engaging in Intersectional Healing from Systemic Oppression
Compassionate Justice provides an alternative model that supports people in healing from systemic oppression while building our capacity to respond to situations of injustice from a sense of care and shared humanity. Instead of reinforcing our traumas, our activism can become a vehicle for our own healing and reconnection to those who unconsciously perpetuate systemic oppression — including ourselves.

Bringing Intersectional, Inclusive Leadership Approach To Life
When leaders take an anti-oppressive leadership approach, they are better able to treat their employees like complex human beings and engage their best thinking to address marginalization within the organization. This presentation explains why inclusive leadership throughout an organization is critical for professional fulfillment and personal integrity — and how that shows up in the way we make decisions, share power, create dialogue, and care for ourselves as we do the work.

Bringing Intersectionality and Inclusiveness Into Our Daily Feminist Work
We need to fundamentally change how we view, discuss, and tackle feminist issues to ensure that all people who are targeted are also represented within the movement. This presentation will help you understand how to apply an intersectional lens to your work, wrestle with the challenges of intersectionality on a personal and organizational level, and identify how to work in solidarity with others.

Building an Intersectional and Inclusive Movement to End Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
When resources for survivors do not address the issues faced by survivors who are queer, trans, People of Color, or with undocumented statuses, how do they know they will be welcomed and supported in ways that address the obstacles they face due to their identity? This presentation explains why we need gender and racial analysis in order to support all survivors and what that could look like for your organization.

Creating Authentic Anti-Oppression Cultures within Communities of Color
Cultures need to be authentic to their histories and values, while also addressing the oppressive dynamics within our communities. Drawing upon her own cultural background as a Korean-American, Sandra shares how she's developed a culture of progressive Confucianism, Buddhism, and pro-liberation to support her community, and how others can develop their own intentional culture as well.

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“I immensely enjoyed Sandra’s presentation on inclusive leadership! Her knowledge of the subject she presented on was outstanding and her presentation style was refreshing and approachable. I was engaged throughout both of her presentations and am fully appreciative of the time and energy she shared with us. Overall, I thought her presentations were outstanding, and I believe that I learned a lot!”

– Residential Life staff, University of Colorado Boulder

“The Hamilton community was grateful for Sandra Kim’s presence and informative workshop. Her training — centered on intimate partner violence and sexual abuse — challenged attendees to remember the cultural and social context as the framework for intersectional listening. Sandra advised our audience on ways to navigate their privilege and power with survivors of abuse through consciousness of inclusion and intersectionality, seeking not to judge but understand and promote healthy dialogue. I was pleased to work with her, and look forward to programming with Sandra in the future.”

- Kimberly Williams Associate Director of the Days-Massolo Center at Hamilton College

“Overall, Sandra delivered a compelling presentation on why an intersectional and inclusive approach is important for both student and professional residential staff alike. Many of the students struggle to comfortably sit with and understand the concepts of power, privilege, and oppression which, for me, elevated the need for someone like Sandra Kim to speak during our training. I thought her presentation poignantly highlighted how student staff, and Resident Advisor’s in particular, can and should navigate their positions in such a way that allows them to stand in solidarity with marginalized populations while simultaneously owning and taking accountability for their biases (unconscious or not).”

– Residential Life staff, University of Colorado Boulder

“We were thrilled to be able to bring Sandra to speak at our campus! She ended her engaging thought provoking talk with good suggestions on how to shape a community that is better equipped to handle sexual violence in an inclusive way. We will be incorporating these ideas into dialogue surrounding our school’s policies and procedures.”

– Gina Marie and Caroline, FIA-STARSA Macalester College

“Sandra was a wonderful presence on our campus. Her speech spoke to the gaps our society has between self-love and social justice, and was the perfect way to start off a movement to explore feminism on our campus. What’s more, Sandra was more than willing to engage with students and to both ask and answer difficult questions that prompted further discussion on the current status quo.”

– Liz Vestal, organizer for Free to [be] Week, Saint Louis University

Past Workshops and Presentations

  • Healing from Toxic Whiteness workshop, White Privilege Conference, April 2017
  • Lavender Graduation keynote and Compassionate Activism workshop, Claremont Colleges, April 2017
  • Building an Intersectional and Inclusive Movement to End Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault keynote speech and Compassionate Activism workshop, Colorado State University, April 2017
  • Bringing an Intersectional, Inclusive Leadership Approach to Work and Organizations keynote speech and Compassionate Activism workshop, Women's Leadership Conference, University of Missouri, March 2017
  • Compassionate Activism workshop, Princeton University, December 2016
  • The Importance of Intersectionality in Feminism and Feminist Work keynote speech, Cornell College, October 2016
  • Building an Inclusive and Intersectional Movement to Prevent Sexual Assault speech, 8th Annual Rape Prevention and Education Institute, Tennessee Coalition To End Domestic and Sexual Violence, July 2016
  • Interpersonal Violence and Abuse keynote speech, Take Back the Night, Princeton University  April 2016.
  • Bringing Intersectionality and Inclusiveness into Daily Feminist Work keynote speech, Student Government Women’s Initiative, American University, April 2016.
  • The Implications of Intersectional Identity Within Rape Culture keynote speech, Take Back the Night Rally, UC Santa Barbara, April 2016
  • Building Inclusive Leadership to Develop Anti-Oppression Work Environments keynote speech, Gender and It’s Intersections Series, Michigan State University, April 2016.
  • Building an Intersectional and Inclusive Movement to End Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault keynote speech and workshop for Stand Up! 2016 annual march, Brown University, April 2016.
  • Building a More Intersectional and Inclusive Movement to End Sexual Violence and Intimate Partner Violence keynote speech, 10th Annual Jeanne Clery Lecture Series, Barnard College, April 2016.
  • Applying a Radically Inclusive Leadership Approach to Work and Organizations keynote speech and Self-Care for Social Justice Activists workshop, Equity in Action Conference, Appalachian State University, April 2016.
  • Self-Love and Social Justice: Why They’re Interdependent and How To Do It keynote speech and workshop, NAKASEC’s Undocumented AAPI Listening Session, University of Maryland – College Park, March 2016.
  • Building a More Intersectional and Inclusive Movement to End Sexual Violence and Intimate Partner Violence presentation and workshop, Goucher College, March 2016
  • Women’s History, Diversity & Inclusion keynote speech, Women’s History Month, Tidewater Community College, March 2016.
  • Applying an Intersectional, Inclusive Leadership Approach to Develop Organizations Where Employees Flourish keynote speech, Power in Diversity Leadership Conference, St. Cloud State University, January 2016.
  • Building an Intersectional and Inclusive Movement to End Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault workshops for students and for faculty and staff, Hamilton College, January 2016.
  • Applying Spiritual Practices to Our Privileges for More Radically Inclusive and Intersectional Movements workshop, Sacred Justice: The Heart of Compassion for Ourselves and for Our World – A Buddhist Retreat for Social Justice Activists, Blue Cliff Monastery, January 2016.
  • Building an Intersectional and Inclusive Movement to End Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault keynote speech, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment (PAVE), University of Wisconsin – Madison, October 2015.
  • Building an Intersectional and Inclusive Movement to End Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault keynote speech and Making Self-Care for Sustainable Activism the Norm workshop, The Women’s Center 10th Annual Conference on Dismantling Rape Culture, University of Vermont, April 2015.
  • Building an Intersectional and Inclusive Movement to End Domestic Violence and Sexual Assaultpresentation and Making Self-Care for Sustainable Activism the Norm workshop, Sexual Assault Awareness Month Event, Middlebury College, April 2015.
  • Bringing Intersectionality and Inclusiveness Into Our Daily Feminist Work, Speech and discussion, Women’s History Month Event, University of the Pacific, April 2015.
  • Building Inclusive Leadership, Keynote speech and workshop, 19th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference, University of Colorado Denver, March 2015.
  • Self-Love and Social Justice: Why They’re Interdependent and How To Do It, Keynote speech and workshop, Free to [be] series, Saint Louis University, March 2015.
  • Making Self-Care for Sustainable Activism the Norm, Keynote speech, Women’s History Month Event, University of Arizona, March 2015.
  • Building Inclusive Leadership on College Campuses, 2-hour training for Residential Life and Student Life staff, University of Colorado Boulder, January 2015.
  • How Intersectionality Can Help You Be a More Empathic and Effective RA, 3.5-hour training for student Residential Advisors, University of Colorado Boulder, January 2015.
  • Intersectionality: Why It Matters and How To Do It, Keynote speech and workshop, 5th Annual Women’s Conference, University of Northern Colorado, October 2014.

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  • Fees range from $2,000-$10,000+ depending on the speaker, type of presentation, and number of presentations requested. All speaking engagements require at least travel expenses to be covered. If funding is limited, please consider getting co-sponsorships from other groups or nearby colleges in exchange for additional presentations.


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  16. […] Sandra Kim is the Founder & CEO of Everyday Feminism. She brings together her personal and professional experience with trauma, personal transformation, and social change and gives it all a feminist twist. She is also a board member of Brown Boi Project and an advisory board member for FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture. To book her for speaking engagements, click here! […]

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