Feminism 101 Articles

Person in a pink shirt is holding up a sign that reads "Down with Men! Up with Feminism!" The image is crossed out in black.

Feminism Isn’t About Man-Hating, Even Though Some Feminists Hate Men – Let This Analogy Explain

How to Spot a Fake Ally – And Why You Don’t Have to Settle for Their Phony Support

How Violence Against Women Hurts Men (And 20 Things Men Can Do About It)

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5 Ways That Being Against Sexism Doesn’t Mean You Hate Men

Cardboard Stories: Homeless People Sharing Who They Are

New Etiquette Rules for Women – Without the Sexism This Time

Two people, eyes closed and smiling, hugging each other.

5 Great Ways to Practice Loving Accountability

Diversity Is Not A Certificate: How to Dismantle Oppression at Your Work Place

5 Reasons Why Animal Rights Are A Feminist Issue

6 Ways My Grandmother Taught Me to Be a Feminist Without Knowing It

4 Messed Up Sexist Things That Happen to Women of Color

Andrea Gibson Performs ‘Privilege Is Never Having to Think About It’

Black Folk Don’t: Do Feminism

The Pitfalls of Becoming a Complacent Ally (And What to Do If You’ve Made a Mistake)

This Video About Being an Outsider Really Gets How It Feels

Feminine-presenting person explaining something to someone masculine-presenting

5 Ways to Deal with Misguided (But Well-Intentioned) Allies

What Would YOU Do If You Witnessed Someone Being Discriminated Against for Shopping While Black?

6 Common Ways People Dismiss Feminism – And How To Hold Your Ground When They Do

Heads drawn on a chalkboard, each saying "Listen to me!"

5 Questions to Help You Know When to Pick Your Battles in Controversial Conversations

Wood painted dark blue with white stars, imitating part of the American flag

3 Ways the US Uses Individualism to Blame Victims for Their Own Suffering

How One Teacher Taught The Class A Powerful Lesson About Privilege

Fighting the Misconceptions of Being a Sorority Sister

5 Efforts Toward Creating a More Feminist Classroom

Why Apologies Are Powerful Tools for Combating Rape Culture

Person with their hand up as if saying "Stop"

No, Feminists Do Not Enjoy Being the Victim

Two friends happily roam through the streets together, on piggy back

9 Ways We Can Make Social Justice Movements Less Elitist and More Accessible

What They Really Mean When They Say They’re Not Voting

Sh*t People Say to Autistic People

3 Everyday Ways That Men Tone Police Women