Feminism 101 Articles

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A Love Letter to All The Feminists Who Don’t ‘Look Like’ Feminists

6 Common Ways People Dismiss Feminism – And How To Hold Your Ground When They Do

We Must Choose Revolution Over Privilege and Complacency – Here’s How I’m Doing It

Your Internalized Dominance Is Showing: A Call-In to White Feminists Who Believe That #AllLivesMatter

5 Tips for Being a Proactive Ally

What They Really Mean When They Say They’re Not Voting

True Solidarity: Moving Past Privilege Guilt

6 Ways to Tell If You Need to Be Called Out

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3 Ways the US Uses Individualism to Blame Victims for Their Own Suffering

Breaking Down the Problem with Mansplaining (And Other Forms of Privileged Explaining)

What The Poor Won’t Tell You

6 Ways to Respond to Sexist Microaggressions in Everyday Conversations

Why Street Harassment Sucks, and What We Can Do About It

How I Faced Misogyny in Hinduism – And Found Peace with My Faith

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4 Things We Can Do to Make Feminist Organizing More Inclusive and Empowering for All of Us

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The Woke Black Person’s Guide to Talking About Oppression with Family

Calling In: A Quick Guide on When and How

5 Reasons Why Animal Rights Are A Feminist Issue

3 Reasons Why Sex-Positivity without Critical Analysis Is Harmful

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5 Questions Feminists Are Tired of Being Asked (And Some Alternative Approaches to Asking Them)

19 Examples of Ability Privilege

This History Reveals That Science Isn’t Nearly As Objective As You Think

Marriage Institutions Aren’t Just Sexist — They’re Ableist And Disrespectful To People With Disabilities

Can Men Be Objectified by Women?

Sh*t People Say to Autistic People

The Decline of Democracy in the US – In One Unsettling Graph

Complaining About the ‘Friend Zone’ Perpetuates Rape Culture

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5 Reasons People Label You a ‘Bad Feminist’ and Why They’re Total Bullsh*t

Dear Feminist Men

Why We Need More Positive Representations of Women in Sports Media and How We Can Support Them