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3 Ways We Get Grown-Ass Woman Friendship Wrong (And How to Fix That Shit)

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3 Ways the US Uses Individualism to Blame Victims for Their Own Suffering

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4 Things You’ve Thought About Hijabis That Are Completely Wrong

The Sitcom Trope About Fat People That’s Way More F*cked Up Than You Might Think

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When You Oppose Trigger Warnings, You’re Really Saying These 8 Things

What I Learned About My White Privilege From Watching ‘Get Out’

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Being ‘Too Sensitive’ Isn’t the Problem – Oppression Is

3 Common Complaints About Political Correctness (That Completely Miss the Point)

The List of Rules for Women

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10 Examples of Straight Privilege

New Etiquette Rules for Women – Without the Sexism This Time

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Let’s Talk About the Reality of the “Men’s Rights” Argument

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5 Great Ways to Practice Loving Accountability

A Perfect Explanation of Why Women’s Rights and Racial Justice Are Still a Big Deal

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The Woke Black Person’s Guide to Talking About Oppression with Family

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What You Need to Know About How Dystopian Fiction Matches Reality

But What About the Men? Is Feminism Sexist?

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9 Ways We Can Make Social Justice Movements Less Elitist and More Accessible

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5 Really Important Reasons to Stop Dismissing Online Activism

What’s in a Word? Navigating Language as an Activist

What Our Dominant Narratives Say About Abortion

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Ready to Ditch White Feminism? 6 Black Feminist Concepts You Need to Know

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4 Ways Colleges Can Block Your Activism (And How You Can Push Back)

5 Ways I Need White Women to Level Up Feminism Right Now

So You Got Called Out on Social Media By Someone More Marginalized Than You

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Why We Really Need to Stop Rejecting Religious Feminists from the Movement

Watch Feminists Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

Patriarchy and How It Shows Up for Everyone

How Mainstream Feminism Continues to Perpetuate Ableism (And How We Can Change That)

What is Eco-Feminism?