Feminism 101 Articles

Two people on a date, paying the bill

Thinking Critically About Who Pays for the Date

A white tampon agains a light purple background

4 Ways to Make Your Period-Positivity More Inclusive

What Is Patriarchy (And How Does It Hurt Us All)?

3 Reasons ‘Can I _____ and Still Be a Feminist?’ Is the Wrong Question to Ask

Privilege 101: A Quick and Dirty Guide

Person looking surprised

Frustrated with Hearing “I’m Not a Feminist Since I Don’t Hate Men”? Here’s 7 Ways To Show Why Those Claims Are Sexist

Two people, eyes closed and smiling, hugging each other.

5 Great Ways to Practice Loving Accountability

A Latina comic book superhero drawn raising her fist.

QUIZ: What’s Your Activist Superpower?

3 Reasons Dating, Attraction, and Desire Are Always Political

What, Why, When, Where, and How?: 5 Common Questions About Trigger Warnings Answered

An Animated Lesson on Empathy – And Why It’s More Supportive Than Sympathy

In Under 2 Minutes, These Teens Say Everything You Need to Know About Microaggressions

Feminism Is a Verb: Why the Movement Has No Use for Fad Feminism

Your Internalized Dominance Is Showing: A Call-In to White Feminists Who Believe That #AllLivesMatter

Why ‘Positive’ Stereotypes Are More Harmful Than They Seem

Why Reverse Oppression Simply Cannot Exist (No Matter What Merriam-Webster Says)

4 Reasons Why We Need to Drop ‘You Must Be Doing Something Right!’

Identifying Differently Doesn’t Invalidate Your Previous Identities — Here’s Why

3 Misogynistic ‘Rules’ That Held Me Back at Work – And How I’ve Challenged Them

How to Explain Feminism to Non-Feminist Women in a Non-Threatening Way

Beware These 10 Types of Feminist Men

Cartoon depicting one distraught person of color in a room full of happy white people

If We Divide, We Don’t Conquer: 3 Reasons Why Feminists Need to Talk About Race

A Hilarious Peek into the Secrets of ‘Social Justice Warrior Training’

Person with their hands over their ears, screaming in frustration

Help – I’m a Feminist and I Have All These Sexist Thoughts!

How Do You Get Men to Understand That Feminism Is Important?

Young person leaning against a wall with their arms crossed, angry

Why People Shouldn’t Tell You That ‘You Took That Wrong’ (And 4 Ways You Can Respond)

How to Self-Care When You’ve Messed Up

Prison bars are made into a barcode, insinuating that prisoners are products of a system

3 Reasons Prison Injustice Is a Feminist Issue That Needs Our Attention Now

A person wearing a hijab sits at their desk with coworkers in the background. Their laptop reads "#resist." Image source: Thinkstock; text added by Everyday Feminism.

5 Ways You Can Be an Activist Without Hitting the Streets

5 Questions You’ll Want to Ask Yourself Before Getting into an Online Argument