Getting Consent

What does consent look like, and how does it work?

In this installment of her series, our very own Erin McKelle argues that part of the reason why people are so bad at getting consent is because they don’t know what consent looks like.

So she discusses the importance of enthusiasm when it comes to consent in that it shows actual interest in sex, rather than complacency.

Watch as she talks through ways to approach the topic with partners and explains, plainly and simply, what consent really is.


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Erin McKelle is a Contributing Writer and Online Community Manager for Everyday Feminism. She’s an e-activist, video blogger, student, and non-profit advocate and has launched several projects including Fearless Feminism and Consent is Sexy. In her spare time, Erin enjoys reading, writing bad poetry, drawing, politics and reality TV. You can find her blogging at Fearless Feminism, Facts About Feminism, and Period Positive. Follow her on Twitter @ErinMckelle and read her articles here.

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