Why The Dichotomy of “Sluts” and “Regular Girls” is Dangerous

Jenna Marbles posted a video expressing her opinions about women who she referred to as “sluts.” In a response to this, popular vlogger Hayley Hoover explains how the video could negatively affect Jenna’s audience of primarily young women.

Watch Hayley explain how setting up a dichotomy between “sluts” and “regular girls” leads to rape, and the internalization of blame on the part of rape victims.

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Based in Ohio, Hayley is a twenty-two-year-old writer, YouTuber, editor, and aspiring novelist. She started making video blogs on her channel hayleyghoover in early 2006, and has been creating content ever since. She now makes week-daily videos for gURL.com as part of a series called “What’s Up With Hayley,” and participates in a weekly advice channel on My Damn Channel called answerly. When not making videos, she enjoys running, eating, writing, and reading books about the family of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Follow her on Twitter @hayleyghoover!