I’m Only Friends with Boys

“I just don’t get along with girls. They’re all so catty and bitchy. Guys are just more down to earth!”

Chances are, you’ve heard that before. But have you ever thought about the implications of saying this?

In this week’s video headline, vlogger Angelina LB breaks down these statements. Watch as she discusses the absurdity of writing off an entire group of people, the hypocrisy involved when it’s a group you’re a part of, and how internalized sexism only breeds further sexism.

Click here to read the transcript.


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Angelina LB is an illustrator, blogger, and model who has been making videos on YouTube since 2008. Her videos cover a wide array of feminist topics, including girl-love, traditional feminine expression, and gender. Her channelalbinwonderland boasts over 120,000 subscribers! Check out her Etsy shop for awesome feminist gear, and follow her on Twitter @albinwonderland.