Gold Star, No Thank You

Have you ever heard the term “gold star gay?” It’s used to describe a gay person who has never had sexual intercourse with a person of a different sex.

Here to explain the many ways this term is problematic is queer activist and video blogger Weston Bonczek! Watch as Weston explains how the term “gold star gay” is misogynistic, cissexist, and heteronormative.

Click here to read the transcript.


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Weston Bonczek is a 24-year old video blogger based in Indianapolis. He started posting videos on the YouTube channel wbonczek27 in 2012, when he was working in Korea as an English teacher. He posts new videos every Thursday, about anything from feminism to classical music. When he’s not working or making videos, Weston enjoys oversharing to his friends and adding peanut butter to food that shouldn’t have peanut butter in it. Follow him on Twitter @wbonczek27!