Being Pressured to Have Sex: How to Deal

Many a misguided attempt at flirting or misread signal can result in feeling pressured to have sex when you don’t want to. If it crosses into forceful action, or coercion, then your best course of action may be to call the police. But what about the run-of-the-mill misunderstandings? How do you handle those situations and make your intentions clear?

Vlogger Erin McKelle provides tips on how to deal when you’re feeling pressured to have sex! Check out her suggestions.

Transcript pending.


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Erin McKelle is a Contributing Writer and Online Community Manager for Everyday Feminism. She’s an e-activist, video blogger, student, and non-profit advocate and has launched several projects including Fearless Feminism and Consent is Sexy. In her spare time, Erin enjoys reading, writing bad poetry, drawing, politics and reality TV. You can find her blogging at Fearless Feminism, Facts About Feminism, and Period Positive. Follow her on Twitter @ErinMckelle and read her articles here.