Where Are You FROM From?: How a Seemingly Innocent Question is Racist

Chances are, if you’re a person of color, someone has asked you where you’re from. “No, where are you from from?” And then proceeded to recite a series of cultural stereotypes back to you to show how much they ‘understand’ your cultural heritage.

Check out this spot-on comedy sketch with a twist from Wong Fu Productions, as they also spotlight the prejudiced stereotypes still common about rural America.

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Wong Fu Productions first started making videos in 2003 in college at UC San Diego. Starting out as friends and dormmates, Wong Fu Productions is now headed by Philip Wang, Wesley Chan, and Ted Fu. As a growing independent production company they work full-time on various parts of their business. Primarily known for their YouTube channel, they create short films, music videos and vlogs for their large and loyal fanbase. They also started a successful merchandise brand of apparel, Nice Guy Design, and a plush toy line, Awkward Animal. They’ve spoken at over 100 events while touring internationally, and also started the concert series ISA (International Secret Agents) with Far East Movement. Follow them on Twitter @wongfupro.