If Buying Condoms Was Like Buying the Pill

Anyone who’s ever used oral contraception knows that getting it is no easy task. But condoms? Condoms are available in every gas station, grocery store, and drug store.

And if you’ve only ever had to buy condoms, you may not understand how much more difficult it is to get the pill.

Even more importantly, you may not have realized the real reason for why birth control that women and people (of any gender) with uteruses take is so difficult to get.

It’s done in the implicit name of controlling women’s sexuality, i.e. make it super hard for women to have sex without fear of getting pregnant. Since you know, women should never have sex – except within a marriage with their husband, of course.

So check out this hilarious parody of what if our society made it as difficult to buy condoms as it does birth control and you’ll see how ridiculous our current process is.

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