Large Bodies Don’t Need Metaphors to Be Beautiful

Fatphobia is so rampantly internalized that many people feel the need to justify their attraction to fat people by comparing them to non-human objects and creatures.

Though the intention might not be to insult, this behavior is still deeply objectifying and dehumanizing. It insinuates that fat people aren’t beautiful or sexually attractive to others unless there is something beyond human about their bodies.

It turns the possibility of mutual desire and appreciation into fetish.

In her poem “Dead Men Can’t Catcall,” Samantha Peterson points out the harmful nuance of these supposedly metaphorical compliments and reclaims her body’s agency, humanity, and beauty.

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Samantha Peterson is a writer, slam poet, body positive warrior, em dash enthusiast, and graduate of Lewis & Clark. Please follow her on twitter at @IzzasharkVideo courtesy of Button Poetry. For more amazing spoken word performances, check them out on YouTube and Facebook.