Identifying Differently Doesn’t Invalidate Your Previous Identities — Here’s Why

Originally published on Robot Hugs and cross-posted here with their permission.

Editor’s Note: For many people, their identities are a constant, and as such, can find it inappropriate for others to value the idea of “phases.” After all, how many people were told that their identity was a phase and were hurt by that? However, for many others, their identities are much more fluid, and they want respect for all of their experiences. At Everyday Feminism, we want to acknowledge (and honor) both.

With most marginalized identities comes the presumption that it’s “just a phase.” From gender identity to sexual orientation, many people’s identities are often called into question by society.

But what happens when we start to shift our own identities?

At every stage of our lives, we’re learning more about ourselves. And as we continue this process, many of us begin to realize that identities we used to align with don’t have the same resonance. So our identity shifts. And that’s perfectly normal!

Sometimes it can feel like we’re doing something wrong or shameful to our previous community by beginning to identify differently. But identities shift, and there’s no problem with it.

So if you’re feeling down about your shifting identity, check out this cartoon from Robot Hugs to see how wonderful it can be!

Identity Shift

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Robot Hugs is a webcomic that discusses identity, gender, and sexuality, explores depression and mental illness, and often includes cats. The creator lives in Toronto; they have a degree in Linguistics and a graduate degree in Information Studies. Specifically, they identify as a non-binary genderqueer peoplequeer mentally ill non-monogamous kinky critical feminist robot. Their hobbies include worrying, being concerned about things they can’t change, being angry, being uselessly angry, hiding from the world, and knitting. Follow Robot Hugs on Twitter @RobotHugsComic.