These Poets Declare Exactly What’s Wrong with Rape Jokes

(Content Warning: Sexual violence.) 

Rape jokes, false sympathy, hashtags like #NotAllMen: Each of these activities and more not only trivialize the serious problem of rape culture in the United States, but they hurt survivors.

This is why we must listen to survivors when talking about rape – their wisdom is all the information we need on the impact of words.

So if you’re sick of rape jokes or you wonder why other people are, catch this prize-winning slam piece from these young Brave New Poets.

With Love,
The Editors at Everyday Feminism

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Belissa Escobedo and Rhiannon McGavin attend LA County High School for the Arts. They are both Get Lit Player members and performed with the GLP Team at Brave New Voices 2014, where they earned 3rd in the world! They have performed among esteemed activists and celebrities including Maria Shriver & John Legend and in world-famous venues including the Hollywood Bowl & the LA Times Festival of Books. Belissa also placed second at the 2013 Classic Slam with her LACSHA team and volunteers for children’s theatre productions and homeless shelters all over LA. Rhiannon’s passions outside of poetry include chocolate, cats, books, gardening, and teaching girls to make films. To watch Rhiannon’s PSA videos as well as her “Condensed Shakespeare” series, you can find her on YouTube