What Would YOU Do If You Witnessed Someone Being Discriminated Against for Shopping While Black?

Acts of racism are not limited to cops killing unarmed Black youth, legislatures pushing discriminatory laws, or random people shouting out racial epithets.

They are also perpetuated by the people who silently witness those behaviors without interference.

Not engaging lets oppressors know that they can continue their behavior and reminds the oppressed that they aren’t protected or safe. And, as this video demonstrates, can cause a whole lot of anguish and pain.

So, when you see acts of racial violence — be it profiling, discrimination, or even jokes (whether people of color are around or not) — even if you’re scared, be an ally and shut it down.

You might save someone’s life or change someone’s perspective in the process.

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John Quiñones is the anchor of What Would You Do?, one of the highest-rated newsmagazine franchises of recent years. During his 25-year tenure at ABC News, he has reported extensively for all programs and platforms and served as anchor of Primetime. Please follow him on twitter @JohnQABC.