There’s More Than One Face of Homelessness

Do you know how homelessness looks? It’s often represented in the media with one stereotypical image. But here’s another face of homelessness.

Young poet Joshua Merchant brilliantly conveys a moment in the life of one of the estimated 1.6 million youth who face homelessness in the US each year. Get his perspective and challenge your perception of youth homelessness.

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Joshua Merchant is a writer, activist and native of East Oakland. In 2011, he won the title of Youth Speaks champion and represented the Bay Area at Brave New Voices. Later that year, he became the Berkeley Slam’s youngest Individual World Poetry Slam representative. He represented for the Golden State Slam’s first venues in the 2012 National Poetry Slam. Joshua is currently preparing his debut book to be published by Youth Speaks’ First Word Press this year. You can follow him on Twitter @oakland_weirdo