8 Comics That Remind Us to Throw Out the Gender Binary

Originally published on Assigned Male and republished here with the artist’s permission. 

Society sure is stuck on the idea that you can determine gender from genitals – and that gender only comes in two options. And that’s frustrating!

That’s why comic artist Sophie Labelle took to the Internet to remind folks to think beyond the gender binary.

Check out these cute comics and share them with others who need the reminder!

With Love,
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Sophie Labelle is a young Montreal-based artist and student in education. She has published many children’s book about gender identity and expression (some are available here). Her webcomic Assigned Male tells the story of 11-year-old Stephie, a trans girl who talks like a gender studies graduate. You can also check the comic out on Facebook. Labelle’s experience as a trans girl growing up in rural Quebec is central in her work, and her passion for education appears in her with schools and in her workshops. Follow her on Twitter @sophievlabelle