This Comic Respects Women with Short Hair on Their Own Beautiful Terms

What have you heard about women with short hair?

These translations show what’s really going on when strangers and loved ones make negative comments.

Follow this comic to the end and you’ll see why positivity beats the oppressive gender norms that mold society’s idea of female beauty. Get the respect you deserve, and shine on.

With Love,
The Editors at Everyday Feminism


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Rhea Ewing is a Contributing Comic Artist at Everyday Feminism and is a queer artist living in Wisconsin. Rhea is involved in a number of comic projects, including the monthly comics challenge site “The Radome” and a 350+ page nonfiction graphic novel about gender identity in the Midwest called FINE: A Comic About Gender. In addition to comics, Rhea is also a fine artist and explores themes of queer survival, ecology, and Midwest identity through drawing and printmaking. You can find more of zir work at and or connect on Twitter @finecomic. Check out zir work here!