This Historical Lie Still Curses Us Today – Here’s the Unspoken Message Behind It

What is the “white man’s burden?” In short, it’s a lie. This video shows why.

In the past, the mythical concept of the white man’s burden has been used as an excuse to colonize and oppress people of color and Indigenous people, as if white folks had a duty to do so.

Outrageous, right?

These days, you might not exactly hear your white friends talk about conquering other countries, but a modern-day version of the “white man’s burden” is very much alive – and still silencing marginalized people.

What are people really saying when they dismiss concerns about cultural appropriation?

This song reveals the unspoken messages you might find in some people’s defensiveness – and exposes the risks in following their line of thinking.

“White Man’s Burden” is part of StormMiguel Florez’s “White Lies,” a collaborative musical theater piece that examines the interpersonal impacts of racism and white supremacy in queer community.

What do you think we can do to finally shake the white man’s burden?

With Love,
The Editors at Everyday Feminism

Click for the closed captioned version of this video

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StormMiguel Florez is a queer, transgender, Mexican American folk singer/songwriter from New Mexico. In June 2010, StormMiguel released his latest solo project, Long Lost Sun, through his label, Bad Flower Music. You can check him out at his website and follow him on Twitter @StormMiguel