The Big Lie Telling You to Hate Your Body in the Era of Social Media

These memories brought us right back to growing up with shame around our bodies. We’ve all been there. Have you?

Then find out how those messages from your childhood are still around on social media, leading us to reach unhealthy conclusions about eating, fitness, and how we should feel about our bodies. Cristen Conger from Stuff Mom Never Told You has the scoop on today’s body image pressures and how you can push back.

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The Editors at Everyday Feminism

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Cristen Conger joined up with and Discovery Communications in 2009 as a staff writer. That same year, identifying a need for more intelligent digital media by and for women, she co-created Stuff Mom Never Told You and has since honed her expertise in women, gender and sex. Cristen also contributes to Huffington Post Women, and her writing has additionally appeared on Jezebel, Bitch, MSNBC and ABC News. Follow her on Twitter @CristenConger.