Do You Know All These Prefixes for Sexual Identities?

Editor’s Note: This video mentions the term sapiosexual, which is a term used to describe people attracted to someone’s intelligence. There is a debate about whether this concept is ableist, and it’s important to keep that in mind.

Most people understand the most well-known prefixes – add “homo” or “hetero” to “sexual,” and you get what that means. But many people don’t know that there are lots more prefixes in addition to the most common ones.

You might think it’s too much to have all these different words – why all the labels?

Dr. Doe’s got a great answer and a clear explanation for a range of sexual identities. Which words, if any, describe your identity?

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Lindsey Doe is a clinical sexologist in Missoula, Montana and host of YouTube sex education channel, Sexplanations. She is also parent to a spunky teen daughter. Follow her on Twitter @elleteedee