This Poet Just Nailed Why It Hurts to Be a Queer Person Who’s Said to ‘Look Straight’

What does it mean to “look” straight or queer?

It really doesn’t mean anything – but we make assumptions about people’s orientation all the time, and these assumptions erase a lot of queer people’s identities. If you’ve ever wondered why that matters, you’ve got to check out sarah d. lawson’s performance of “Erasure.”

If you can relate to her moving words, we hope this reminds you that you’re not invisible, and you’re sure not alone.

With Love,
The Editors at Everyday Feminism

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sarah d. lawson is the founder and slammaster of the beltway poetry slam in washington, dc. she can be found teaching writing workshops throughout the city, sharing rough drafts on open mics and hosting at Busboys & Poets 5th and K. she has served on the board of mothertongue, DC’s women’s spoken word group, and was a member of the jenny mckean moore writing workshop in poetry at the george washington university. she hates capital letters & loves hugs.

Video courtesy of Button Poetry. For more amazing spoken word performances, check them out on YouTube and Facebook.