5 Radical Ways People Do Non-Monogamy That You Need to Know About

You might know about the type of non-monogamy that gets most mainstream media attention. But do you know about these other relationship styles outside the status quo?

This comic sheds light on the types of non-monogamy that tend to get ignored.

Whether non-monogamy’s for you or not, you can probably learn something from these examples of how people create options to put feminist values at the core of their relationships and reject oppressive expectations.

Do they challenge what you think a healthy partnership means?

With Love,
The Editors at Everyday Feminism


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Joamette Gil is a queer Afro-Cuban storyteller with a degree in social justice and psychology. Her comics and illustrations straddle the border between personal and political, reality and fantasy, what is and what is possible. The Miami native now lives and makes in Portland, OR, and you can follow her adventures here.