Why It’s Racist When White People Dismiss People of Color’s Lived Reality

“It’s not about race.”

Racism isn’t always as straight-forward as conscious hatred and bigotry. It can also show up with implicit biases that influence how you judge someone’s credibility.

If you’ve ever had the urge to share your good intentions or deny the experience of a person of color talking about racism, you need to check out this information. Celia Edell’s breaking down how and why white people should be thoughtful in responding to the testimony of people of color.

Make sure you know how to avoid this implicit racism when people of color share from their perspectives on race.

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The Editors at Everyday Feminism


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Celia Edell is a Contributing Vlogger for Everyday Feminism, a freelance writer, and feminist philosopher. She holds a B.A. in philosophy from University of Western Ontario and is currently doing her masters degree in philosophy at University of Sheffield in England. Her interests include critical race theory, mental health awareness, and bad made-for-TV movies. She tweets and blogs under the name @ceedling