Young Black Men Share Heartbreaking Stories About Growing Up in the US

Can you imagine being treated like a threat when you’re just trying to play with your siblings or walk to school?

This short Op-Doc from The New York Times, “A Conversation About Growing Up Black,” shows that “many of this country’s young black men and boys don’t have to imagine.”

The young men in this video share openly and honestly about their everyday experiences with racism – from how they’re treated in school to how the media portrays them. Inevitably, they get to the painful subject of police brutality and how their parents try to protect them. This reveals just how wrong people are when they blame victims of police violence.

What these boys and men say at the end of the video really touched our hearts, and we know their brave, insightful words will move you, too.

With Love,
The Editors at Everyday Feminism

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