Body Dysmorphia Makes People Hate How They Look – Here’s How You Can Support Them

Do you know what body dysmorphia is – and how it’s different from common misconceptions about it?

If someone you know has BDD, you need to know how it affects their body image. It’s not the same as just disliking your body or a body part. This comic will help.

Here’s a great explanation of what body dysmorphia is (and isn’t), with some solid tips on how you can support someone who has it.

With Love,
The Editors at Everyday Feminism

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Christine Deneweth is a Contributing Comic Artist for Everyday Feminism. A queer cartoonist and artist, Christine lives in Ypsilanti, Michigan. She is a cartoonist for Eastern Michigan University’s newspaper the Eastern Echo. She writes children’s books about mental disability and has a comic strip that has been published for five years. Comics can be found on her Facebook page, and art can be found on her Instagram @crassasterCheck out her work here