Calling an End to ‘Political Correctness’ Just Won’t Work – Here’s Why

“PC culture is out of control!”

How do you feel about the debate over “political correctness?” Some say that “being PC” is about stifling free speech – but if you think about it, their position doesn’t carry much weight at all.

This fun comic puts in all in perspective, with the adventures of Politically Incorrect Man – a hero to people who think they’re “oppressed” by political correctness. Politically Incorrect Man is looking out for all of those who wish to say whatever they want without any consequences.

But what happens when Politically Incorrect Man meets Mx. Respect for Others? A valuable reminder that marginalized folks are part of society, too – and our speech is just as valid and powerful.

Everyone who’s worried about the “PC police” could really use this lesson on what it really means to cultivate liberation for all people.

With Love,
The Editors at Everyday Feminism

PICman copy

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