Here’s Why We Don’t Need a ‘White History Month’

Editor’s Note: We’d like to add to the points made in this video that we must also include the contributions of Black people and other marginalized groups into the history that we’re already teaching every other month of the year, as well as accurately reflect what actually happened in that history, given how often historical truths get sugarcoated, erased, omitted, and distorted.

The question comes up every year: “Why isn’t there a White History Month?”

The usual answer includes “Because every month is White History Month” – but there’s even more to that story.

So here’s a video that breaks down exactly why black history education is so important – and why Black History Month is such a crucial part of that.

In under two minutes, this information shows, once and for all, that we really don’t need a White History Month. Spread the word to stop the derailments, and let’s move on to the vital, beautiful celebration of black history.

With Love,
The Editors at Everyday Feminism

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