How the ‘Angry Black Woman’ Stereotype Tries to Control Black Women

“Was I too loud, too angry, too emasculating?” – First Lady Michelle Obama

Have you ever had to deal with your emotions being blamed on your identity?

This is a constant reality for black women, who are often unfairly perceived as excessively “angry.” Black women have been pushing back against this stereotype for years – so how come it just won’t quit?

Cristen Conger of Stuff Mom Never Told You continues her series on sexist racial stereotypes by tracing the origins and impact of the “angry black woman” stereotype. Pop culture’s influence is bad enough, but the way this trope is used to try to control black women is even more outrageous.

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Cristen Conger joined up with and Discovery Communications in 2009 as a staff writer. That same year, identifying a need for more intelligent digital media by and for women, she co-created Stuff Mom Never Told You and has since honed her expertise in women, gender and sex. Cristen also contributes to Huffington Post Women, and her writing has additionally appeared on Jezebel, Bitch, MSNBC and ABC News. Follow her on Twitter @CristenConger.