Trumping: The Hilarious Makeup Tutorial That Will ‘Make Your Face Great Again’

A Donald Trump-inspired makeup tutorial? It’s not as awful as it sounds – actress Tess Paras is calling out Trump’s hateful rhetoric with some biting satire.

While we’re not down with making fun of someone’s appearance (something Trump clearly has no problem doing), this is more about bringing attention to the racism and xenophobia that’s rampant in the “sound bites and lies” of the current Republican presidential front-runner.

Paras told Mic that she was inspired after watching the John Oliver segment on Trump: “All I could think about was how so many people aren’t taking a closer look at all the irresponsible, inflammatory, and xenophobic things he says. I thought that a beauty-vlogger character would be a fun vehicle to really draw attention to that. If it’s easy for all of us to criticize a woman for the precision of her eyeliner, we can make the effort to hold a mirror up to Donald Trump for his actions.”

We’re glad she went for it. Get your Cheetos ready and check this out to learn how to “make your face great again.”

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Tess Paras currently recurs as “Jayma Chan” on the CW’s Crazy-Ex Girlfriend and is most recognized for her role as “Dana Tomas” on NBC’s hit drama, Grimm (introducing the first Filipino-American storyline on primetime television). Other notable TV credits include: White Collar, Mulaney, Wilfred, Weeds, and The Good Wife. As a comedy writer, her videos on YouTube – “Typecast” and “What If Catcalls Were Cheeseburgers?” – have gone viral and were featured on:, NBC Asian America, MTV News, Jezebel, Buzzfeed, Slate, The Wrap, Angry Asian Man, and The A.V. Club.