What the Workplace Would Be Like If Men Were Treated Like Women

“No one was listening to me or taking me seriously. It was like this system was already in place that I wasn’t a part of.”

Being interrupted, stereotyped, promoted over – sound familiar? This is the experience of lots of women and non-binary people working in office settings.

But when we talk about these problems, and point out that they can have big repercussions on our lives and careers, many men still dismiss us.

So what if the roles were reversed? In this video, BuzzFeed uses information from BinderCon to show what it would be like if men had to put up with the subtle sexism that’s often directed toward women in the workplace.

Some of these experiences – like being pigeon-holed into tasks like picking up a cake for a party – may not seem like a big deal. But having them all together like this, with one final conversation that really puts things in perspective, shows how a system can work in everyday ways to create a damaging impact.

It’s no exaggeration when we say that society devalues femininity and so-called “women’s roles” in a detrimental way – and this really drives that point home.

With Love,
The Editors at Everyday Feminism



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