5 Fantastic Ways to Engage in Feminist Hookup Culture

(Content Warning: sexual coercion)

Anyone who wants to should be able to safely engage in casual sex – but the “hookup culture” approach so often includes harmful misogyny.

So is it possible to enjoy hookup culture without the gendered stereotypes, double standards, rape culture, and other sexist drawbacks?

Yes! And if you’re into casual sex, it can be quite empowering to participate under the right circumstances.

So check out these five ways to practice feminist hookup culture – and enjoy a safe, comfortable, and pleasurable time!

With Love,
The Editors at Everyday Feminism



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Emma Rust is a bisexual, mixed race, Asian American printmaker and cartoonist. Her passion: educating the masses through her art. Originally from Los Angeles, Emma is currently attending Whitman College in Washington State, in the pursuit of an Art and Psych degree. She interns as a Sexual Violence Prevention Intern, with a focus on creating comics and prints that talk about sexual violence and consent in ways that are constantly engaging and educating the student body. Check out her art blog here