If Catcalls Were Really ‘Just Compliments’

Editor’s Note: The word psychotic is used in this video in an ableist way. While we appreciate Cristen’s message, we’d like to note that this can be harmful for people with mental illnesses.

If you’ve been in conversations about street harassment, you’ve probably come across this claim: “It’s a compliment!”


Those of us who have experienced harassment know that this just isn’t true – but some people still don’t get it. So here’s Cristen Conger of Stuff Mom Never Told You with some criteria to help assess, once and for all, if catcalls are really “just compliments.”

Spoiler alert: She proves that this theory is total bullshit, and she’ll make you laugh in the process.

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Cristen Conger joined up with HowStuffWorks.com and Discovery Communications in 2009 as a staff writer. That same year, identifying a need for more intelligent digital media by and for women, she co-created Stuff Mom Never Told You and has since honed her expertise in women, gender and sex. Cristen also contributes to Huffington Post Women, and her writing has additionally appeared on Jezebel, Bitch, MSNBC and ABC News. Follow her on Twitter @CristenConger.