The Data That Proves the Myth of the ‘Absent’ Black Father Is a Total Lie

Guess who’s even more engaged in parenting than white dads? It couldn’t be those supposedly “absent” Black fathers we’ve heard so much about, can it?

You’ve probably come across this myth before – the idea that the struggles in Black communities wouldn’t be so bad if not for the supposedly out-of-control problem of absent Black fathers.

In this Complex News video, Tamara Dhia breaks down some of the years of research from a CDC study that exposes the myth of the absent Black father as completely false. You might be surprised by what she shares if you, like many people, have been hearing for years about this “crisis” among Black dads.

But this shows why we should be looking elsewhere for the cause of struggles in Black communities – like, say, the whole problem of systemic racism, for a start?

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The Editors at Everyday Feminism


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