Trichotillomania: The Hair-Pulling Disorder That’s More Common Than You Think

(Content Warning: mention of hair, eyebrow, and eyelash pulling.)

“The hair has brought me to that, learning how to see my body for what it is.”

She didn’t know it was a disorder until she Googled “pull out my hair” – and since then, Jillian Clark has come a long way in understanding trichotillomania.

So how did she learn to cope, and become an advocate for other people who live with this urge to pull at their own hair? In this video from Refinery29, she shares her story.

You can find Jillian’s photography on her website, and read more about trichotillomania and similar conditions here and here.

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Jillian Clark is an editorial and portrait photographer whose work has appeared in Wired UK, Refinery 29, Rolling Stone, and NPR. She’s also an advocate for people with trichotillomania. View her work on her website and on Instagram @itsjillianclark.