Native Youth and the Urgent Issue of Suicide

(Content notice: suicide)

“Native youth need to know that they can speak and will be heard.”

Did you know that Native American youth have among the highest rates of suicide in the US?

It’s a disheartening fact – and it’s more than just a statistic. We need to talk about the issue of suicide among Native youth and the real lives this issue is affecting.

So check out this video by Hon’mana Seukteoma, who speaks about her struggles with stigma and fear. She also shares a crucial message to Native youth struggling with suicide right now.

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Hon’mana Seukteoma is an O’odham girl in Southern Arizona, where she walks in two worlds, finding herself one day at a time. She loves interacting with her natives in a positive way and giving back. Find her on her YouTube channel, Seukteoma.