Privacy Is Not Dead – Here’s Why It’s an Important Social Justice Issue

(Content Warning: Harassment, doxxing, rape culture, misogynistic slurs)

Photos of everything from breakfasts to nude bodies can be found on social media these days – so do you believe the idea that privacy is dead?

This comic will help you take the crucial step of putting the real meaning of privacy in perspective. Not only is privacy not dead, but privacy rights are more important than ever – and often misunderstood.

So find out what privacy means to marginalized people, why it’s a social justice issue, and what you can do to help your community have a healthier concept of privacy.

With Love,
The Editors at Everyday Feminism

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K is a Contributing Comic Artist at Everyday Feminism. K is a Canadian, non-binary, genderqueer, peoplequeer, mentally ill, critical feminist robot. They have a background in linguistics, information, privacy, and categorization, and human-centric design. They are the artist and writer for Robot Hugs, a twice-weekly webcomic about (among other things) gender, identity, feminism, mental health, and cats. In their spare time, they provide peer education and workshops on negotiation, consent, and identity. In their spare-spare time, their hobbies include worrying about things they can’t control and knitting. Check out their comics here.