7 Tips for Breastfeeding Success That No One Tells You About

If you’re looking for advice on breastfeeding, you might find a lot of judgement about how to feed babies and and unhelpful pressure that doesn’t work for you or your baby.

Is it possible to find breastfeeding advice that supports and resonates with you? Here’s a start – an affirming comic with some tips that this feminist wishes she had known about breastfeeding.

We hope this helps you and your baby find the support and info you need and deserve.

With Love,
The Editor at Everyday Feminism

Tips for breastfeeding tips comic

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Molly McIntyre is a Contributing Artist for Everyday Feminism. She is an artist who makes pictures that tells stories. Her work explores the process of searching, finding – and sometimes not finding – what makes people who they are. More of her work can be found on her website or on Instagram @brooklyn_rabbit.