Feel Better!


We all have days where we’re not really feeling our best. If you have those days a lot and it’s really affecting your life then I suggest that you reach out and get some help. But I’m really talking about those days where you just feel a little bit lethargic and sad and like you can’t really be bothered with anything.

I wrote a little list for myself actually of things to do to get myself out of that mood and I wanted to share it with you. So, I hope some of these things help you guys and if not, then you can make your own list.

Have a little cry. Sometimes it really helps to just let your feelings out for ten minutes.

If you’re sitting in bed on your laptop and you’ve been in bed all day so far, then maybe get out of bed. Clean your teeth, brush your hair, put some make-up on, do whatever it is that make you feel good. That might mean putting a nice dress on or it might just mean changing into a different pair of pajamas.

Call your best friend, your mom, your dad, your grandma, whoever it is that you should call in times of need but usually don’t.

Make plans for the future. I like to decide what breeds of dog I’m gonna have when I’m filthy rich. It doesn’t have to be a dog, maybe you’re a cat person or a snake person or a tarantula person.

Drink lots of water, because you might be dehydrated, and get some protein in you and maybe some fresh fruit and vegetables ’cause those always make me feel amazing. Sometimes feeling crappy and lethargic might be to do with your body or what you’re putting in your body instead of your head.

If this is your kind of thing, and it doesn’t matter if it’s not, then, go do some exercise. Even the slightest bit of exercise usually lifts my mood, and makes me feel productive and I have done something. And it’s nice to feel tired afterwards because you know that you’re tired for a reason and you worked for your relaxation time.

If you feel yourself mindlessly stalking people that you don’t even care about on Facebook or refreshing Tumblr over and over again, just step away from the Internet. There’s an app called Self Control where you can block yourself from various websites for a certain period of time, and even if you restart your computer, you can’t access those websites. I usually use that for essays but I think it works just as well if you’re sitting there refreshing, you don’t want that option available to you.

If you’re a huggy person and there’s someone around that you can hug, go and have a hug. You might cry in their shoulder a little bit because hugging someone when I’m upset makes me cry. But it’s nice! There are probably, like, endorphins released when we hug each other. I don’t know, science.

If you’ve been inside all day then maybe go outside. This might not work in really crappy, boring weather but if it’s sunny outside or maybe if it’s exciting weather, like a storm. I quite like to go outside and involve myself in that, not sexually.

Even if you have a really unproductive day, try to do at least one productive thing. Maybe clean your room or organize something or do a piece of work. Just make it so you can tick something of your to-do list. (Making a to-do list also helps.)

Watch or read something that makes you laugh or takes you completely out of your own life, and into the shiny world of television. I tend to favor cartoons and MTV reality shows about rich people.

Treat yourself, if you can. Don’t go crazy, you just treat yourself to something you wanted for a little while like maybe some new nail varnish or DVD. Whatever you do, don’t end up on Amazon at 2AM, drinking wine and ordering DVD box sets.

Go out with your friends and family if you can, even if you really don’t feel like it.

Do not cut your hair! I see you. Stop it. Ah! No.

The truth about feeling crappy is that a lot of time you just kind of have to wait it out. I tried to be proactive and to distract myself but sometimes you just need a nap or a day or a week or pizza or a child’s cuddly toy and some patience.

If you’re feeling bad, then I hope you feel better soon.


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Lex Croucher is a London-based video blogger. She started posting videos on her main YouTube channel tyrannosauruslexxx in 2008 and has continued posting stories, advice, and opinions in video form ever since. Follow her on Twitter @lexcanroar.