Why Some Bisexual People Don’t Feel Welcome in the Queer Community

As queer issues are beginning to get public attention, and awareness of gay and lesbian relationships is rising, there’s one group that often gets left out in the cold: bisexual people.

Many people can’t grasp that sexual attraction doesn’t have to be limited to one gender. And this can lead to some pretty upsetting internal conflicts for bi folks.

In this video, one bisexual activist shares her experiences of not feeling queer enough for the queer community. Check it out.

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Camille Beredjick is a blogger and LGBT rights activist living in New York. In 2010 she started GayWrites, a daily blog covering LGBT news, media and culture, and last year she launched a YouTube channel where she talks more personally about issues of queer identity, representation and self-acceptance. She studied journalism and gender studies at Northwestern University and works in communications at an LGBT nonprofit. Follow GayWrites on Tumblr and YouTube, or tweet Camille directly at @cberedjick.