Catcalls Are Not Compliments

Originally published on Happy Jar and cross-posted here with their permission.

Those of us who experience street harassment know that it’s not a compliment; it’s dehumanizing. But some people still insist that we should be flattered by these catcalls, claiming they “wish they got that kind of attention.”

This comic shows what street harassment really looks like, and demonstrates why, no, you really don’t want this kind of attention.

Street Harassment

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Tom Fonder, is an artist based in London, England. He is the author of Happy Jar, a webcomic that updates every Tuesday and Friday. The strip began life as a joint project between two high school students, and amounted to little more than classroom notebook doodles that were repurposed digitally to be shared amongst friends. Eventually realising the potential of not having every strip be self-referential inside jokes, the focus soon shifted toward pleasing an audience wider than three people and Happy Jar was born. For more comics, check out the Happy Jar website, or follow them on Twitter @happyjarcomic.