If People of Color Had ‘White Fetishes’

In general, our society is moving toward a more accepting framework. Outright hate and prejudice are more likely than ever to be called out, and people seem to be more interested in becoming culturally aware.

Unfortunately, these motives often lead to behavior that is just as harmful to culturally oppressed groups as the more “obvious” forms of marginalization. In a misguided attempt to appreciate other cultures, many socially progressive folks end up exoticizing and, as a result, dehumanizing people of different cultures.

Check out this hilarious satire of these liberally minded people to see what it sounds like when the roles are reversed and white people are the subjects of the fetish.

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DarkMatter is a trans South Asian art and activist collaboration comprised of Janani Balasubramanian and Alok Vaid-Menon. Using poetry and polemic, tweet and tirade, DarkMatter is committed to an art practice of gender self(ie) determination, racial justice, and movement building. DarkMatter has been invited to perform and facilitate workshops across the world. You can follow their antics on their website, or on Twitter @darkmatterrage.