How Men Can Better Recognize and Interrupt Everyday Sexual Harassment

Originally published on Robot Hugs and cross-posted here with their permission.

Editors Note: Everyday Feminism recognizes that people of many different sexes, genders and gender expressions, including those who identify as women or femmefolk, experience street harassment, sexism, and verbal assault.


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Robot Hugs is a webcomic that discusses identity, gender, and sexuality, explores depression and mental illness, and often includes cats. The creator lives in Toronto; they have a degree in Linguistics and a graduate degree in Information Studies. Specifically, they identify as a non-binary genderqueer peoplequeer mentally ill non-monogamous kinky critical feminist robot. Their hobbies include worrying, being concerned about things they can’t change, being angry, being uselessly angry, hiding from the world, and knitting. Follow Robot Hugs on Twitter @RobotHugsComic.