The Who, What, and Where of Workplace Sexual Harassment

Editor’s Note: This infographic and the study it’s based on only looks at binary people who identify as male or female. Therefore they don’t include trans and gender non-conforming people who may also experience sexual harassment at work. We are looking for studies that include them. If you know of one, please tell us!

Originally published on Frank Nicholas’s website.

They say that knowledge is power. So in order to begin to reclaim power over a problem, we must first understand it. And the problem of sexual harassment in the workplace is a pervasive problem that we definitely need to eradicate.

This infographic provides the first important tools to addressing this serious issue. Find out who gets harassed, who harasses, and more with this handy infographic!

For more on what to do if you are experiencing workplace sexual harassment, check out 6 Steps You Can Take If You’re Being Sexually Harassed at Work.

Workplace Sexual Harassment

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