How Rolling Stone’s Irresponsibility Hurts Rape Survivors

(Trigger warning: Rape, sexual violence, rape culture.)

Rolling Stone’s retraction of a story in December 2014 about campus rape was a disaster, and not for reasons you might think.

Rape survivors already face way too many barriers when it comes to getting help, including the risk that they won’t be believed.

Check out this video for insight on why Rolling Stone’s handling of the situation just makes those barriers worse.

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Marina Watanabe is a vlogger, blogger, overenthusiastic tweeter, college student, and creator of embarassing literary tees. Her passions include putting off responsibilities and being sarcastic on all social media platforms. She is majoring in Women’s Studies with a minor in Communications at Sacramento State and hopes to continue using social media as a tool to discuss and raise awareness for feminist and social justice issues. She also runs a Tumblr called Everyday Harassment that serves as a safe space for women to share their stories and educate others on the nature and frequency of sexual harassment. Check out her Tumblr, or follow her on Twitter @marinashutup!