Why You Shouldn’t Ask Asian People This Question

Ever felt the urge to ask “What kind of Asian are you?” Here’s why it’s better if you don’t.

And if you’ve gotten that question, here’s a spoken word piece with everything you’ve ever wanted to say in response.

This poet unpacks the stereotypes and struggles of his experiences and shows how asking such a question can add to dehumanizing marginalization.

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Alex Dang started performing slam poetry at 17 and hasn’t slowed down since. Combining a firework performance style and intimate writing, Alex has earned his way to becoming the Eugene Poetry Grand Slam Champion in 2014. His chapbook, ‘You Can Do Better,’ is published through Where Are You Press. You can find him in the best burger spot in town or on a stage near you. You can check him out on Twitter @TakumiTheFox

Video courtesy of Button Poetry. For more amazing spoken word performances, check them out on YouTube and Facebook.