This Is Exactly Why We Need the Leadership of Trans Women of Color

“Every breath a trans person of color takes is an act of revolution.”

Are you impacted by or wanting do something about the life-threatening conditions working against transgender women of color? Then you need Lourdes Ashley Hunter’s voice in your life.

Lourdes Ashley Hunter has led grassroots initiatives for healing, restoration, fellowship, and action for trans women of color for over 20 years.

Here, she celebrates Black and Brown trans and gender non-conforming identities and lives, and shares what we all need to know about how structural oppression is linked to violence.

With Love,
The Editors at Everyday Feminism

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Lourdes Ashley Hunter is a healer, orator, and academic who has led grass roots initiatives that impact the socio-economic growth and development of trans and gender non-conforming people of color (tgncpoc) for over 20 years. Lourdes’ leadership guides the national organizational development and operations at Trans Women of Color Collective. She is also on the National Steering Committee of Black Lives Matter and the Chief Communications Officer of the  DC Center for the LGBT Community Check her out on Twitter @HunterLourdes